Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Setting up a L&D department...

If you are setting up a L&D department in your organization:

1. Have a robust database structure in place
2. Include HR business partners as part time trainers.
3. Finalize what you want to achieve - fun & entertainment or behaviour change
4. Do not hire full time trainers - you can hire them from vendors and keep changing them.
5. Ensure that your team members consult with the business (do not consult only with HRBPs - it is a game of Chinese whispers then!)
6. Find out one large business priority that can be impacted through behaviour change (sales skills for project mgrs, respect from senior mgmt, etc)
7. Hire coaches and facilitators who can also train. Human processes are paramount.
8. Invest on e-learning - dovetail all trainings with e-learning
9. Stop measuring happiness levels after training. Only the trainer will improve.
10. Freely share knowledge, the more you share, the more will you be successfull.

Happy Diwali!

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