Saturday, April 23, 2011

A second career to make your first one a success

When coaching a young successful technical contributor, at the outset it seemed that all was very well. He was respected by his seniors, his peers came to him for advice, he was mentoring youngsters in his team and was earning a neat sum of money. Yet, there was a sense of a region of vacuum in his life. While talking about the best times in his life, he said that he particular had enjoyed a stint in an earlier company when a boss had mentored him in creating open source code. While he continued to be mentored occasionally by the very same gentleman, his eyes flashed when he realized that what he missed was working on open source code.

Needless to say, he devoted an hour to what nourished him deeply and he became a much more engaged and fulfilled professional at work.

Activities such as learning music, dance and even pottery that energize the right brain which is associated with creativity, imagination and emotions - are all encouraged at the workplace off late. Many such activities tend to trigger and give form and shape to a second career, something that is in line with one's calling and thirst. These activities, being more of a voluntary nature, tend to have minimal anxieties of rewards like money and designation. Individuals indulge in them purely for the pleasure that they derive from it.

A simple way to find out what your brain yearns for the most can be found by taking a simple 14 question test. The test is based on the SCARF model of David Rock and I personally found the results pretty agreeable. The assessment is reachable here

You have fun!

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